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Personal stories from brain injury survivors and their caregivers.

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Lee Glynn is from Skowhegan, Maine. He spent his whole career in the retail automotive industry, from tires to parts to whole cars. He has sold automobiles in 40 states as the cofounder of The Wolfington Group. He sold his share of the business and retired to farming in 2011. Until his life took an unexpected turn in late 2017 when a hemorrhagic stroke left a brain injury that changed Lee and the course of his life. Lee is active within the brain injury community; you may know him from a support group that you attend. He believes that a support group that he attended may have saved his life. From that group he had the opportunity to start others in Waterville, Augusta and Skowhegan. He volunteers as a brain injury survivor on the steering committee of the Brain Injury Association of America, Maine chapter, and as a bridge between the Maine Statewide Independent Living Council and the Maine Acquired Brain Injury Advisory Council where he acts as co-chair. He volunteers on the steering committee for the Brewer Rehabilitation Center and attends their monthly support group. His favorite topic, though, is recovery and the concert of beliefs, emotions and physical efforts that aid in that process.

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Hello, my name is Brittany. I have a brain injury from a suicide attempt. I have come a long ways since then. I believe something good can come from something bad I also am big on suicide prevention, and mental health awareness as well as autism awareness. I like to volenteer. I enjoy making youtube videos. I love to paint, cook and am a big animal lover. Cats are some of my favorite as well as guinea pigs, I find putting toegther puzzles to be relaxing. Today I am here to share my story.

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Monica Chamberlain
Survivor of Domestic Violence
Hear her story here


Larry Marquis 

Back from the dead 

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