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Brain injury Awareness Tee Shirts 

Available to purchase soon

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Serious help needed
Details on the back
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Can anyone
help me
land this thing? 

Story behind:

" Serious Help Needed Tee Shirt "

During my recovery, often times I felt like my brain wasn't connected to the rest of my body. I was going from doctor to doctor to help me figure out why things were so different and difficult. Most times I could hardly leave my bedroom because of sensitivity to lights and sound. My mother challenged me to create a tee shirt for brain injury awareness that expressed how I was feeling at that time. 

                       - Mindy Lou 


Story behind:

" I'm not crazy " Tee Shirt

I had been prescribed many different medications to help balance the emotions and outbursts that I could not control myself. They inadvertently became more of a problem causing me to feel like I was loosing my mind. I had a meeting with Dr. Linda Grigel of Fal River Health Center, to help me come off the medications that had been given and to look at a more natural way for my brain injury to heal. She told me 'Mindy you are not going crazy, stand in front of  the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are not crazy.' My mom and I left to drive home and discussed creating a tee shirt I could wear as a reminder. It became our signature tee shirt for brain injury swareness. 

                       - Mindy Lou


I'm not crazy
mindy front tee.jpg
mindy tee gilr back 2.jpg
It's just
my head
What's your excuse?
mindy tee back boy.jpg
Coming Soon 

Story behind:

" It is what it is " Tee Shirt

Many times my mom and I would say to each other "It is what it is" Because to be quite frank, so much of the difficulties we were going through were outside of our control. My mom was adamant that I create a tee shirt that expressed that fact that even though most of the times she felt like she was in a constant rain storm, there was always a reason to be thankful for and always a reason to smile. If we take the time to peer outside the storm....well, you'll have to wait to see what is there waiting to be noticed...on my tee shirt. This one has been a challenge to create, but it will be done...soon.

                       - Mindy Lou


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