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 First Ever Fundraiser 

was a Popcorn drive 

     My daughter, Faith, did fundraising along with some of her friends, for her senior project to help raise money to pay for the cost of incorporation with the State of Maine. Our first ever held fundraiser was a popcorn drive held at the Fort Kent Elementary School. She raised enough money through her school year to accomplish her goal of giving All Things Become New the funds to incorporate. We became a legal non-profit organization in 2013. Thank you Faith. 

Cream Puff Fundraiser


My two granddaughters, Jade and Gabriella wanted to host a fundraiser. We reached out to a local restaurant owner, The Whistle Stop, and asked if we could do a cream puff fundraiser. They said yes, and we held it on November 11, 2017. The funds were raised to help the heating cost of our Haven of Rest Home. 

 PopCorn drive


My grand daughters and step grand daughter, Layla wanted to help raise money for our Haven of Rest. They asked the Fort Kent Elementary School PTA if they could have one of the popcorn fundraisers done during the school year. They agreed and it was hosted on January 12, 2018 All funds went to help the cost of heating our Haven of Rest. Home

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